Redefining the relationship between Tech and Gover...

Redefining the relationship between Tech and Government in the Digital Economy

Key Takeaways
  • South Asia’s internet economy has tripled in size from 2015 to 2019, reaching USD 100 billion, and is expected to triple again until 2025
  • Governments questioning how to adapt regulations and rules to the new world of the digital economy.
  • Newspapers have lost the monopoly on information dissemination due to social media. The fight against fake news is also taking center stage for many governments.

The Digital Governance Report by the swissnex Network is a combined study on some of the pressing technology and governance challenges in the APAC region, and the innovative solutions being adopted by its public and private sectors. 


As Governments across the world redefine their relationships with organisations driving digital movement, digital platforms have taken the centrestage as key drivers of economic growth.

Governments are actively engaging tech companies and startups to promote innovations and transition to the digital economy. These partnerships help governments serve their citizens better by deploying digitally transformed services, equipping them to excel in the new tech-economic environments.

However, governments worldwide also realise the overwhelming power of large technology companies and are coming up with regulations and rules to safeguard social, environmental, and competition outcomes. For instance, in the Asia Pacific region, Anti-trust regulations, Digital Service tax, and rules around fake news are major concerns for the governments. 

To know more about the innovative partnerships between governments and Digital economy leaders across Asia and the forthcoming rules and regulations, read our full report.


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